Evolving Situation

PromptCare has COVID testing options available, at the provider's discretion, during urgent care visits. We do not provide COVID tests as a stand-alone service, without an office visit.

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is an ever-evolving situation. Public policies and recommendations change often. PromptCare is in regular contact with local and state health officials, and is making every effort to engage in the safest practices possible for our patients and staff. Workflows in our clinic, and the availability of some services will likely continue to change as local impacts unfold.
Here is some important information about your visit and some of the measures we currently have in place.

Pre-Screening, Precautions and PPE

All individuals age 24 months and older are required to wear a mask or face covering that covers their mouth and nose while inside our facility. Those who are unable to wear a mask for any reason, including injury, disability, or being less than 24 months must be pre-screened, and may need to be isolated for their own protection and the protection of others. Call 785-838-1510 for screening and instructions.

All individuals entering our facility will have a temperature screening conducted. Any individual experiencing a fever or other signs of COVID-like symptoms will be required to exit the building immediately and undergo pre-screening to determine if and how they should return to the clinic.

All patients who are feeling ill must undergo pre-screening prior to coming inside the clinic. Pre-screening symptom report forms are available outside the clinic and in the Registration tab of this site. Some examples of symptoms requiring pre-screening are fever, cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, sore throat, nasal congestion or drainage, ear pain, loss of taste or smell, headache, body aches, fatigue or chills. We are also pre-screening patients with abdominal symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Pre-screening is required for anyone experiencing any of these symptoms, regardless of your concerns about COVID-19. Ill patients should remain in their vehicle and call 785-838-1510 for instructions when they have arrived. They will be given a fresh, medical grade mask to wear throughout their visit. Ill patients are required to complete their registration process and any wait time in their vehicle until a designated respiratory room is available for them to enter. This may result in differing wait times for patients with different kinds of visit reasons.

We encourage patients to complete the registration and health history forms found in the Registration tab prior to coming to the office. This will help to reduce your wait time at the clinic. Any urgent care patient who would prefer to wait in their vehicle may do so. During periods of high patient volumes, non-isolation patients may also be asked to wait in their vehicles in order to allow for social distancing in our lobby. We do not have an indoor waiting area for patients determined to require isolation. Please plan accordingly.


In order to minimize exposure and increase social distancing, any visitors or companions who are not needed to facilitate the visit, such as a minor child's parent or a patient's caregiver, will be asked to wait in their vehicle or return when the patient's visit is over. Additional people, who are not being treated, such as friends, family members, neighbors or additional children are not allowed in the building.

Added Cleaning Procedures

Our staff has stepped up the cleaning of high touch surfaces, such as counters, exam tables, handles, chairs and medical equipment with a disinfectant cleaning solution.

COVID-19 Testing & Quarantines

PromptCare has COVID testing options available, at the provider's discretion, during urgent care visits. We do not provide COVID tests as a stand-alone service, without an office visit. Call 785-838-1510 for pre-screening before entering the clinic. Turnaround times for COVID-19 test results vary based on testing volume, but generally take 2-5 days for PCR results. Rapid (same day, antigen) COVID testing may be appropriate for some patients, but not all. COVID not being detected in a sample does not completely rule out the possibility of a COVID infection, so a negative test result may not alleviate the need for exposed or symptomatic individuals to isolate or quarantine. For this same reason, PromptCare does NOT provide clearance for work, school or other activities for COVID concerns, exposures or symptoms.

Patients who have had a known exposure or concerns about COVID-19 should self-isolate and call their primary care provider for advice. If you do not have a primary care provider, contact your local health department. Douglas County residents can call the health department at 786-856-4343 for COVID-19 information and screening. Please do not enter our lobby if you have COVID-like symptoms or you suspect you have COVID-19, as you could expose others. If you are currently under quarantine due to travel or COVID-19 exposure, please do not enter our lobby, even for non-COVID related services, until you have completed your quarantine time. If you require urgent care services during your quarantine, please call 785-838-1510 for prescreening and instructions. All patients requesting COVID testing and screening will be isolated while at the clinic, regardless of the reason for requesting testing.

Some Services Suspended due to COVID-19

Based on the CDC's recommendation to avoid procedures that could increase the aerosolization of secretions, PromptCare and Lawrence Occupational Health will not be performing any Pulmonary Functions Testing (Spirometry) until further notice. Donors who arrive for Drug and/or Breath Alcohol Testing will be screened for fever and respiratory symptoms, and must be symptom free to be checked in for testing. Preventive and occupational health visits may be delayed based on symptoms, exposure or travel history, and provider availability. On-site services performed in the community are suspended until further notice. Nebulized breathing treatments have been found to aerosolize secretions. Breathing treatments will NOT be performed on patients unless the physician has no concerns about COVID-19. Patients with any risk factors for COVID-19, who are ill enough to require breathing treatments should be treated in their local emergency room.

Reliable Information Sources

We always encourage our patients to rely on only reputable sources of health information. Below, you will find links to the CDC, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Lawrence Douglas County Health Department.